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Janne Viksten

Janne Viksten´s first solo album ”Blue Harbor” received very positive reviews both in Finland and in the US. He´s performed with some of the best bluegrass musicians, such as Peter Rowan, Tony Trischka, Dudley Connell, Laurie Lewis, Pete Wernick and Don Rigsby when they have visited Finland. He has been a sought-after studio musician for many decades and is a member of the Finnish National Opera mandolin section. The new solo album Blue Over Green (2019, Hilland Records) shows the many musical sides of Janne Viksten. His music is firmly rooted in bluegrass and folk music but there are influences from Celtic, pop and even from classical music.

”This is a very nice album” – Al Schmitt (engineer/producer, 23-time Grammy winner)

”Each piece I listened to has a unique flavor. The playing is so smooth and tuneful with good clear tone from the instruments. I recommend it to anyone who likes string instrument music.” – Pete Wernick, ”Dr. Banjo” ”How can one guy be so outrageously good on all these instruments?” – Tony Trischka

”Lukuisia kielisoittimia suvereenisti käsittelevä Viksten on äänitteen varsinainen velho, jolta on löytynyt sorminäppäryyden ohessa myös runsaasti hienoa materiaalia soittotuokioiden sytykkeeksi. Kaihoa kansanlaulumaisittain, jiihaa-juoksutuksia sata lasissa ja kaikkea siltä väliltä. Akustisesti ja melodian merkitystä painottaen” – Jaakko Eräpuu / Hifimaailma

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Pauli Halme

Pauli Halme is a Helsinki based country guitarist, specialized in both acoustic fingerstyle and flatpicking guitar as well as electric telecaster picking. He’s also co-founder of the Hilland Playboys, the house band for the weekly Hilland Mondays – country music show at Juttutupa, Helsinki. Releases: ”This Time It’s Personal” – Hilland Records 2014 – Vinyl LP ”Sounds Like Bad Fiction” – Turenki Records 2013 – CD

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Andy Hilland

Andy Hilland (Antti Vuorenmaa) is the founder and CEO of Hilland Records. He´s also working as a full time musician (pedal steel, mandolin, guitar, vocals), artist, songwriter and producer. His first solo album "Northern Winds" was released in spring 2019. He´s released two instrumental EP´s Places (2020) & Places II (2021).

Previous releases:
Antti Vuorenmaa ”Päiväkirja” CD (Hilland Records 2012)
Antti Vuorenmaa ”Pohjavirta” CD (Hilland Records 2014)
Antti Vuorenmaa & Marko haavisto ”Kapteeni Kiddin haamu" (vinyl, Hilland Records 2015)

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Mudville 56

Mudville 56 is an old school rock´n´roll trio from helsinki Finland. Their music is a mixture of 50´s early rock´n´roll, rhythm´n´blues and even rockabilly.

Andy Hilland: guitar, voc
Topi Karvonen: double bass, voc
Janne Mathlin:drums, voc


Mudville 56: Skatin´on very thin ice/Dear old Jessie (2014) 7” vinyl single
Mudville 56: The sound of Modern Rock´n´roll´ (2018) 12” vinyl LP, digi


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